Huslejenævnet is a department specializing in tenancy issues, operating in every kommune. Huslejenævnet cannot handle all types of cases related with hiring an apartment, but may be helpful with some particular issues. Before turning to huslejenævnet for help, it is worth trying to settle the dispute amicably ourselves. Find out how the huslejenævnet can be of help.

How can huslejenævnet help you with your problem?
1) issues related with the amount of rent and its reduction;
2) tenancy deposit return;
3) lack of maintenance, renovation and negligence with regard to keeping the property clean and in good condition;
4) disputes arising out of the bad condition of the property e.g., responsibility to remove mould;
5) duties related to moving out, both on the part of the owner and the tenant;
6) correctness of billing practices;
7) financial statements' audit with regard to renovations and property maintenance;
8) introduction of improvements for tenants e.g., facilities for the disabled, families with children, space for bicycles;
9) order regulations issues.

A full list of cases handled by the huslejenævnet is available on a website of each particular kommune. You can visit them by typing the name of a kommune you live in into the browser, or typing "huslejenævnet, hvilke sager kan indbringes for huslejenævnet", or "hvilke typer sager kan huslejenævnet behandle?".
Payments collection e.g., outstanding deposit, notice to vacate, withdrawal from an agreement and counselling in general are beyond huslejenævnet's competence.

How to register a case?
Starting a case is easy and inexpensive. It is usually possible through the official website of a given kommune and after paying a small administration fee. If you cannot cope with the Danish language, find a translator, who will translate the claim and other documents for you, or a person, who will assist you in filing the complaint.

1. Go to the website of your kommune, typing e.g., Randers kommune huslejenævnet
2. Find the tab: Hvordan indbringes en sag og hvad koster det (although its name may differ on different websites). This section gives you the information about the cost of the case, bank transfer details to pay for the case, mail and e-mail address to which the complaint should be sent.
Some websites give possibilities of debit or credit card payments while registering a case.
3. You are free to choose the form of your complaint. Find out, however, what should be included in your complaint:

  •  address of the property at issue;
  •  your data: name and surname, address, e-mail and telephone number;
  •  covering letter describing the problem;
  •  documentation providing evidence for the examination of the case by the huslejenævnet, payment receipts, pictures, correspondence, handover protocol and other.

4. The case is accepted for the examination after the administration fee has been paid to the account of the huslejenævnet.

The administration fee is non-refundable.
The complaint can be sent by another person. If this is the case, a power of attorney must be attached to the file.

If the authority has issued a decision you are not satisfied with, you can always appeal against this decision within four weeks since the date of the decision.

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